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    As seasoned, former corporate officers, tech startup founders, and open innovation researchers, we combine our understanding of corporate life with deep insight into startups, innovation methodologies, and startup communities worldwide.


    Over the years, we have also accumulated in-depth knowledge of emerging applications and business models using technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


    We speak with a voice that is both honest and entertaining. So, if you want to go beyond the hype and need a little help from experienced practitioners, then do drop us a line.

  • Jan Paul

    The Executive

    In two digital decades, from junior to board level in Reed Elsevier,
    Jan Paul learned first-hand how to make innovation happen in large enterprise. The last 5 years he has coached startups and led two sector accelerators. As partner in Scoutely, Jan Paul reviews innovation strategies, and coaches on setup and execution of corporate-startup collaborations.

    van der Blonk

    The Builder

    20+ years of digital venture building experience. As they say: Sander drove the bus, not gotten a ride in the back. And still, hunger to do it again and again. Today, he is an angel investor and a plug-in digital innovation leader. As partner in Scoutely, Sander is eager to actively help develop corporate-startup collaborations.

    van de Vrande

    The Challenger

    As a professor of collaborative innovation and business venturing, Vareska has more than 15 years of research experience on corporate-startup collaboration and corporate venturing. Now she is eager to put this into practice. As a partner in Scoutely, Vareska is committed to translate research into actionable tools and models, and to invite you to challenge your assumptions.

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