Want to gain access to the right enterprises in an easy way?

Entering into pilots and partnerships with enterprises has many advantages. But how do you know whom to talk to and when?

Scoutely brings early and later-stage tech startups and enterprises together. Whereas there is no substitute for a genuine human connection, Scoutely enhances relevance and trust on both sides before engaging in meetings.

Expand your reach and activate your startup profile. We will match and link you with like-minded enterprises that address your goals and interests, as and when they appear on Scoutely.

  • Get a foot in the door. Find and connect with enterprises that are serious and open to partnering.
  • Get found and matched. Remain anonymous until you decide to disclose personal contact data or company sensitive data to the enterprise.
  • Don’t waste time on cold calls or so-called pitch events. Build a quality pipeline of potential partnership contacts in less time. Receive tailored notifications when there is at least a 50% chance of a match.
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Join Scoutely, and register

  • Keep all enterprise matches and contacts in one place
  • Activate or hide your profile in just a few clicks
  • Billing and customer services access
Free sign up

Get spotted and matched

€ 20 Flat monthly fee, excluding VAT
  • Set desired partnership parameters
  • Activate your startup profile in anonymous mode and get found and matched automatically with enterprises as and when they appear on Scoutely
  • Receive notifications of possible matching enterprises
  • Disclose your profile selectively
  • Establish direct contact with fitting enterprises
  • Billed monthly
  • You can cancel your search plan on any day, with one-month notice.

Where notice is given on any day of the month, the notice period will only commence on the first day of the following month and will continue until the last day of that same month. We then automatically downgrade you to the free plan.

Free during beta