• We lower the risk of failure

    Sourcing ideas, technologies, and solutions from the startup community can prove complicated and costly.
    That's where Scoutely comes in.
    Scoutely kickstarts and fuels Corporate - Startup collaboration. We neutrally act in the interests of all parties moving collaboration projects beyond the 'me' to the 'we.'
    Our services encompass strategic advice, program design, recruitment and matching, (interim) process management, and objective value measurement.
    With Scoutely you will get:
    • A clear strategic agenda for collaboration plus aligned stakeholders
    • Innovation goals translated into collaboration goals and collaboration models such as Venture Clienting and Co-development
    • Access to the right startups, through passive and active recruitment, and rigorous matching
    • Best practice playbooks 
    • Mutual trust, and collaborative work rhythm 
    • Structured and effective trials, pilots and experiments  
    We are located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and work with clients throughout Europe. Typically, our assignments come from Strategy Directors, Innovation Directors, M&A Directors, CIOs, CMOs, and CDOs.

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