Scoutely empowers you to connect, qualify, and select start-up opportunities with less risk
and effort.

Weave patern
Centralize your data and communications. Align stakeholders and start-ups around opportunity areas. Build trusted relations with start-ups.
Get instant start-up profiles. Use our research-backed vetting and qualification templates. Make better collective decisions in weeks - not months.
Boost efficiency. Reduce the financial and reputational costs of poor selections. Never miss out on any opportunity to partner.

Perfect your pipelining efforts

Build relevant, timely and actionable start-up intelligence. Get up to 20% more deal flow. Track all start-up interactions from one central place.

Lower the communication barriers

Bring clarity to your start-up partnering strategy and needs. Give start-ups a better experience, from first contact to decision, due to reduced response time and simplified communications.

Make informed decisions

Grow fact-based insight into a start-up’s capabilities using our customizable templates. And make better collective decisions fast enough to compete.


Powerful features that do the job for you

Hit your goals

Use preformatted forms and automated workflows to prepare for start-up engagements.

Reduce time to align

Use our workflows to identify and inform stakeholders. And align their interests.

Cast a wider net

Stack inbound and outbound start-up search channels through API's. Process data in a uniform way.

Vet faster

Have one overview of start-ups. Browse through most-fitting profiles. Take yes/no decisions in 30% - 50% less time.

Qualify better

Communicate with start-ups 1:1 and at scale. Use our best-practice qualification templates
to spot partnering opportunities.

Choose with less risk

Use warning signals like our Potential Partnership Strength™ indicator. Reduce the margin for error and the related financial and reputational costs of mismatches.

Modular platform

Get started with one or two modules or use Scoutely end-to-end.

No change management

Learn yet another tool? No. Scoutely blends in the daily routines. Users will appreciate the automated tasks and notifications.

On-demand integrations

Scoutely runs stand-alone. But comes with native integrations on request.



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