Sander - 13/07/2020

How we help startups

Hey, startup founder!

In startup land, if you want to communicate and connect with established companies for business, pilots, and co-innovation, it’s all muddling through.

According to several statistics, circa 100 million new startups open each year. Dozens will fall into obscurity. But, for the survivors, the dynamics of starting imply that it is pretty hard for your company to be recognized. And attract the right enterprises.

For sure, there are tons of one-way outlets, like directories and open listing sites. However, also here, you need to shout out loud to be heard over the competition.

Luckily, it does not mean it is impossible to reach enterprises effectively. That’s Scoutely.

We specialize in finding the right enterprises and startups for collaborative relationships along the AgriFood supply chains. And then we put you ‘on a date.’

Join us. And experience a new channel that will help you cut through the noise.