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How Scoutely simplifies your life

Forget spreadsheets, manual tasks, and long meetings.

Manage stakeholders, startup search, and decisions from one smart platform in a few simple steps.

Draft your scope

Prepare your startup searches and collaborations with preformatted forms and automated workflows.

Identify & Align the right stakeholders

Collaborations often fail as key stakeholders have not been identified on time. By aligning even before you start your startup searches, you increase your chance of success. Scoutely SRM has alignment built into its core.

Find interested startups

Finding startups is easy. Finding startups that may be fitting and open to collaborate is not. Scoutely SRM only shows startups that are serious and responsive.

Connect & Qualify

Nothing beats a good conversation. Communicate directly with startups from the Scoutely platform. Qualification happens on both sides through a structured and time-saving process.

Make better decisions

Scoutely is hyper-focused on capturing conversational and sentiment data on both sides, turning it into useful outputs like warning signals and our unique Potential Partnership Strength™ indicator. Reduce biases and in-the-moment thinking. Create detailed assessment reports to show value to your entire organization.

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