Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more? Why we’re doing what we’re doing? Find the answers below. Be advised, Scoutely is in beta. We will regularly update the service as well as the FAQ page.

What is Scoutely?

Scoutely is an online platform that brings enterprises and tech startups together to discover serious commercial and innovation partnerships.

Through Scoutely, both sides spend significantly less time on researching partnership opportunities while reducing the chance of partnership failure.

Does Scoutely specialize in any specific industry or technology?

No. Scoutely is industry and technology agnostic.

What’s special about Scoutely?

It’s super easy and engaging. Using pattern recognition, common business sense, and psychology, Scoutely uniquely mixes hard and soft factors to find fitting partnership opportunities.

All the data we use comes from the participating companies, and with their permission: 100% pure, no bias, and privacy proof.

What is the Scoutely story?

Collaborative innovation practitioner, Sander van der Blonk, notes that partnerships between enterprises and startups have become a strategic necessity. He also observed that both parties experience difficulties in finding matching partners.

That is why he founded Scoutely.

What is Scoutely’s mission?

Behind the Scoutely platform is a team that understands how tedious and daunting it can be to look for and secure valuable partnerships between enterprises and startups.

So, our mission is to create tremendous value for all Scoutely platform users by bringing together the right companies for the right need and at the right moment. In short: It’s about knowing which relationships to build and when.

Who should sign up to Scoutely?

On the one end, Scoutely is for founders and CEOs of startups offering outstanding technology, data, services, products, solutions, skills, and experience equal to their development stage.

And, on the other end, it’s for innovation leads, CTO’s, CMO’s, startup liaisons, procurement officers, and R&D managers at enterprises that seek access to new technology, capabilities, products, IP or talent that would be too slow to grow organically.

Why not sign up to Scoutely?

If you are not ready to collaborate, and if you doubt that open innovation and partnerships work for you.

How does the platform work?

By signing up and activating a search, Scoutely automatically detects matches as and when new users appear on the platform.

Scoutely is not a part of the content and partnership negotiations between the parties but acts as a facilitator throughout.

The relationship between Scoutely and its users is explained further in our Terms of Service. Note:  Scoutely is in beta. For now, the Terms are disclosed to beta test users only.

Is Scoutely also for consultancies, incubators, accelerators and startup scouts?

It depends. For example, if a consultancy acts in the capacity of an enterprise seeking commercial or innovation partnerships with startups, then yes!  Similarly, an Accelerator who has the authority to act on behalf of an enterprise seeking startups for collaboration.

Does Scoutely quality control new users?

No. Our viewpoint is that partnerships are not between companies but between people that respect and trust each other. We expect users, therefore, to be sincere in answering the questions at sign-up and throughout the process.

However, our algorithms weed out low-value offerings. And if a user deliberately provides incorrect data, Scoutely reserves the right to suspend the account.

How much does it cost to be a Scoutely user?

It’s free to register on Scoutely as either an enterprise or a startup. During the beta phase, Scoutely remains free of charge.

At a later stage, Scoutely shall charge a monthly subscription fee for the usage of its platform and services as indicated on the site.

Does Scoutely guarantee matches?

No. It all depends on the growing number of platform users and their bespoke profiles and needs.

How does Scoutely manage privacy?

Scoutely adheres to GDPR regulations to manage the privacy of its platform users.  You can find out more about it in our Privacy Terms.

If you have any specific questions around privacy that are not answered by our terms, please get in touch and send an email to