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This is why we founded Scoutely

Sander van der Blonk

· Innovation,Startups,Collaboration,Growth

All innovation routes have pros and cons.

You can copy innovation tools - it will not bring about innovation.

You can set up Corporate Startups or so-called speedboats - they rarely succeed due to company politics.

You can invest in Accelerator funds - but, which one to pick as there are more than 2000 worldwide!

You can carve out a new business unit to deal with disruptive innovation - and struggle with the question of independence or integration.

Lately, Corporates have turned eyes to partnering with Startups.

It makes much sense.

Startups offer ready-made solutions, new revenue streams, positive energy and emerging technology applications bringing tomorrow into today. 


Moreover, Corporates and Startups seem incompatible, but when they match, magic happens!

However, we have seen it multiple times:

There is no single point of contact at the Corporate level.

There is no process in place for making fast decisions on Startup candidates.

There is no deliberate choice of the collaboration model.

Corporate - Startup partnerships have become a multimillion Euro opportunity and a strategic lifeline to growth. So, corporates must build processes around it.

That is why we started Scoutely: To provide expertise and easy-to-use tools that make corporate-startup collaboration produce innovation outcomes. With smiles.

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