Why start-up diligence is changing

Sander van der Blonk
Sander van der Blonk
May 18, 2022
Why start-up diligence is changing

Certain problems are better solved through start-ups than in your own company.

And so more and more companies are ramping up start-up intelligence. And work with start-ups along the engagement spectrum.

But, the balance is tilting.

Companies are competing for a shorter supply as start-ups have much to choose from. And start-up management teams are not always willing to share data and spend time and resources on diligence requests.

Also, as wrong start-up selection accounts for 75% of partnering failures, companies have recognized that they should perfect their start-up diligence process.

In response, companies' approach is to increasingly use Startup Relationship Management tools like Scoutely SRM to become more efficient and confident in making the right choices.

  • With Scoutely SRM, companies use pre-built templates to reduce complexity and get internal alignment on opportunities quickly.
  • Selected start-ups get access to the platform to connect with the company in a trusted way. And to reduce the effort and time needed to provide data and answer questions.
  • Both sides use the freed-up time to dig deeper on specific topics to better qualify and quantify the potential outcomes and conditions to make collaboration work.

As start-up partnering climbs the company priority ladder, innovators understand that they must adopt a more modern approach to start-up diligence.

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