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This is why we founded Scoutely

Sander van der Blonk (Netherlands)
Client Relations
September 16, 2021

All transformation and innovation routes have pros and cons.

You can set up ‘speedboats’ or corporate startups – but they hardly ever succeed due to company politics.

You can carve out a new business unit to deal with radical innovation -and struggle with the question of independence or integration.

You can invest in startups through accelerator funds or own funds – but embryonic evidence shows that the return on investment in early-stage companies is questionable.

Over the last few years, large companies have also turned eyes to partnering with startups.

It makes much sense.

However, we have seen it multiple times: Power dynamics, bonus considerations, not invented here, a lack of process - what hinders startup collaboration is mostly human.

It leads to frustration, lost time, cost, and missed opportunities on both sides.

Large companies and startups seem incompatible, but when they match, magic happens.

That is why we founded Scoutely to take away the reasons to say no, reduce the uncertainties, and bring the right companies together 30-50% faster.

We love it.

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