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The dashboard that says it all

Sander van der Blonk (Netherlands)
Client Relations
August 10, 2021

Most companies use KPIs or OKRs to measure performance. But, the question is if these indicators apply to startup discovery?

That’s why the Scoutely SRM dashboard provides a real-time window into startup discovery performance.

It answers three main questions at a glance, combining pipeline metrics with forward-looking economic value drivers:

1: How are your startup searches performing?

2: Where are you in the vetting and qualification process?

3: What’s the potential strategic and cash value of startups in your pipeline?

Using Scoutely’s dashboard, you can identify opportunities to scout smarter. And make faster and better decisions on startup candidates.

Scoutely SRM is the all-you-need solution to drive startup search and collaboration. Built for success. Backed by research.

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