Introducing Scoutely Templates to boost matching

Olaf Maltha
Olaf Maltha
Mar 10, 2022
Introducing Scoutely Templates to boost matching

Typically, a technical expert or due diligence team is pulled in to review start-ups for procurement, joint new product development or M&A.

It often involves doing research and deep-dive sessions with the start-up team and summarizing conclusions in reports and presentations.

At Scoutely, we focus on commercial and strategic partnering with start-ups. And we know there's no one way to assess start-ups. It's company and context-specific. And dissimilar from conducting due diligence as in M&A.

With dozens of start-ups a year to check, it's a huge time suck. It can take many months, and opportunities might get lost.

Also, the duplication of work is a big time waster. Starting each assessment from scratch and preparing the steps and documents is inefficient. And standard spreadsheets won't cut it.

Now you can build up start-up opportunity intelligence in less time

Using Scoutely's Qualification Templates, you can streamline and improve your assessment productivity and quality. And provide everyone involved with a real-time picture of truth to make better decisions, 30-50% faster

With in-built best-practice workflows, you have oversight of the assessment process. You can invite others to take part at specific moments. And track progress with complete transparency and control.

You can reduce the time needed to coordinate actions internally and with the start-up teams. And with our questionnaires, you secure the right focus on essential items to make decisions with less risk.

You can also easily adjust the workflows to add your own checklists and standard documents. And save these as custom templates for future collaboration needs.

Book a demo and we will show you Scoutely's Qualification Templates work.

Or, get started on a free trial to try it out for yourself. We'd be happy to help you set up your first assessment workflow.

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Save hundreds of hours and be confident at every step. See how Scoutely helps perfect the pipelining efforts. And make better collective decisions fast enough to compete.

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