How Scoutely lowers the barriers to start-up diligence

Sander van der Blonk
Sander van der Blonk
Mar 7, 2022
How Scoutely lowers the barriers to start-up diligence

As an alternative to M&A, companies are making more and more minority investments in start-ups by way of corporate venture capital (CVC).

CVC now accounts for about a quarter of all venture capital (VC) investing according to various industry sources. 

But, not all companies have the means to set up investment funds. What's more, CVC requires a high risk tolerance.

For these and other reasons, companies increasingly look for non-equity-based partnerships with start-ups. And so, from food to finance, the interest in working with early and later-stage start-ups through vendor relations and joint-innovation projects is soaring.

For some companies, working with start-ups is a one-off annual event in the form of a challenge prize. Especially for those companies who are wrapped up in doing business as usual.

But the overarching trend is that companies seek start-ups to support their agile go-to-market strategies. And create the option to transform faster considering today's unstable business conditions.

Most companies are pretty passive in finding suitable start-ups

Nevertheless, we have seen that most companies are pretty passive in their approach to finding suitable start-ups. They might like a start-up that approaches them and then somehow find a way to work together.

The odds of finding the best-fit from a handful of start-ups are slim. And we learned that it must become easier for companies to systematically and repeatedly source start-ups and assess the benefits and risks of working together.

That's why we built Scoutely as a full-cycle, shared due diligence platform to make collaboration evaluation quicker and easier for all sides: The company's stakeholders and project leaders, and the start-up team alike.

By lowering the barriers to start-up opportunity assessment, companies can significantly reduce the time needed for internal coordination. And de-risk start-ups better and faster.

Plus, they can do it themselves instead of outsourcing the matching to external advisors saving much money.

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