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Going from intent to impact

Sander van der Blonk (Netherlands)
Client Relations
August 8, 2021

Startups have a bottom-line impact.

And so, more and more companies in almost every industry are embracing tech startups as a low-cost, fast, and effective route to innovation and new growth.

But it also means tackling a few challenges: How to navigate the fast-moving startup landscape? How to align stakeholders? How to select the winners and forge partnerships?

Scoutely SRM transforms how innovation and business leaders overcome these obstacles.

Let’s explore.

How many startups are out there?

Reportedly, 100 million startups are founded each year, of which about 2 million are tech startups.

Given lifespans, failure rates, and exits, we assume companies can tap into 4-5 million tech startups every year.

They come in many variations considering technology and application categories, maturity levels, and geographies. The hit-fit ratio can be as large as 50.000 : 1 or as small as 3 : 1.

I take all criticism for flying high over but let’s not split hairs. It's not about finding startups per se but about turning good intentions into tangible results.

Bridging the gap

Scouters, accelerators, and events provide a first starting point for learning about startups.

The next step is to figure out how to engage with startups?

It often triggers internal struggles. And you run into heated discussions on resources and priorities.

How do you bridge the gap between startup search and execution?

In our view, by organizing startup discovery as a structured business process.

The process steps include detailed planning, startup discovery, and getting internal alignment and commitment.

The reward?

A significantly higher chance of success in achieving positive collaborative outcomes.

That's what Scoutely SRM is all about.

How it works

With Scoutely SRM, you prepare for solving business problems and challenges. Or co-creating new solutions and business models.

The below table sums up how Scoutely SRM supports companies on their journey. One step at a time. Or, from A-Z in one fluid motion.

Do you want to capture new growth through startups? Set the foundations straight with Scoutely SRM.

Any questions? We'd love to talk to you to.

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