Find, match and connect all-in-one

Scoutely helps enterprises and startups that are equally serious about doing business and advancing innovation together.

Real partnerships are not just between companies but between people that like and trust each other. It cannot be gauged from a spreadsheet or analyst report.

That is why we founded Scoutely: the first online platform enabling enterprises and startups to make trusted and relevant connections.

Nested within that mission is a foundational belief – that partnerships between enterprises and startups have become a strategic necessity for both sides.

Using pattern recognition, common business sense, and psychology: Scoutely uniquely mixes hard and soft factors to find suitable partnership opportunities. All the data we use comes from yourself with your permission: 100% pure, no bias, and privacy proof. 

Do you want to connect with the right partner for the right need at the right moment? Be open and sincere. Scoutely then makes it easy and engaging for both sides. 

Reduce the guesswork

Our matching algorithms assess potential partnership strength by evaluating commonalities and differences between the two companies’ values and reasons for partnering.

Reduce the risk of failing partnerships

Usually, enterprises and startups dedicate significant time to discussing assets and strategy, unlike values. It results in plenty of failed projects. Through Scoutely, both sides make an effort to lay the foundation for successful partnerships by aligning values as well.

Relax and let Scoutely do the heavy lifting

There are a great many enterprises and startups. How would you ever know whom to talk to? Scoutely spots valuable partnerships opportunities in minutes, saving you time and costs.

Meet the team!

Yes, there are real people behind Scoutely. Our combined team of engineers, designers, and subject matter experts bring over ten years of experience in building digital matching solutions.

  • Sander van der Blonk Founder/Collaborative Innovation practitioner
  • Nick de Bruijn Adviser
  • Bryan te Beek Lead developer
  • Maaike Hek Frontend developer
  • Ninya Zoll Lead design
  • Bibiénne Renskers Project management