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Business & Innovation leaders use the Scoutely platform to 10x their organizational buy-in and achieve concrete results.

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Align stakeholders

Identify and align stakeholders. Make better, and 30-50% faster decisions and prevent project failure.

Work with any scout

Work with any scout, human or algorithmic, and discover up to 20% more relevant startups at lower cost.

Minimize workload

Reduce workload - save your teams weeks and headaches with automated, low-touch workflows and triggers.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place - Stop messing around with emails and spreadsheets. Control and oversee progress.

Take your goals seriously

You want more than innovation theatre. You want results. But how do you get key stakeholders to really engage in collaborations with startups? With Scoutely, you'll get organization-wide buy-in.

Take stakeholders seriously

Their time is precious. Our Startup Relationship Management platform eliminates messy emails, lengthy meetings, and time-wasting Slack conversations. It creates alignment on targets and priorities. Files are easily shared, and stakeholders are nudged if needed to keep up the pace.

Take startups seriously

The best startups are in high demand and often find large companies slow and opaque. With Scoutely SRM, you help quickly build mutual understanding and enhance your chance of matching.

Take collaboration seriously

Collaborations are between people. You need proactive and honest communication, and barriers to progress should be removed. With Scoutely SRM, you make direct connections with startups without disturbing daily routines. Save some time for a drink!

"People in startups are busy trying to make their companies work.
They don’t have time to take on second jobs as
change-management professionals in your company."

Miao Wang, McKinsey

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