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On Scoutely, innovation, business, and procurement leaders connect with AgTech, Food & (Deep) Tech startups to confidentially share information and discuss collaborative relationships. We find and bring the right companies together.

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We find and screen corporates and startups based on collaboration readiness and commitment. Then we match for win-win. Only real opportunities -no fluff.

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Innovate the Agri, Food & Beverage supply chains - together

The time is now. With Covid-19, overpopulation, and the climate crisis, people are more concerned with health and sustainability than ever before. We're also experiencing a surge in digital and deep technologies, biomaterials, and startup-driven innovation. It's a time of change. What part will you play?

Going it alone is no longer viable. That’s why we mobilize corporates and startups online, around six transformative themes:

AgriTech & Precision farming

Smart solutions that improve the whole farming process – from output to cost, quality and sustainability – by using advanced technologies like sensors, robots, IoT, drones, blockchain, and AI.

Supply chain & Retail digitalization

Reconfigure factory lines for physical distancing. Minimize food waste and CO2. Think – e-commerce, locally sourced supply chains, cooking robots, 3D food printers, automated kiosks, and cloud kitchens.

Personalized Services & Data Transparency

For today’s conscious consumer. From ethical sourcing to fair trade. Think: Algorithms that tailor diets to personal needs. And intelligent labeling solutions enhancing information on ingredients and provenance.

New packaging

Solutions that secure food safety while reducing the volume of packaging. Think substitution of harmful materials, bioplastics, and recycled and renewable containers.

New food concepts

There’s a growing demand for meat-replacement and healthier, environmentally-conscious food. From fish and plant-based ingredients to cooking innovations and protype appliances.

Smart Tech

A broad range of early and later-stage startups developing technological solutions that will impact the Food & Beverage industries. From AI-based demand forecasting to much, much more.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through the selective matches that we make and the resulting collaborations, Scoutely aims to contribute to achieving the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

The right connection could open a world of opportunity

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