• Why collaborate with startups?

    Digital and deep tech change industry dynamics - or what it means to compete. Entire value chains are being reconfigured. No wonder, more and more companies value external sources of innovation, such as startups, as well as internally-generated sources, or even better.

    Corporate-startup collaboration can lead to improved business performance, faster execution and new areas of growth.

    What are you seeking?

    New technology

    You need access to new technology, solutions, IP that would be too slow to grow organically

    New ideas

    You need portfolio expansion and/or transformative ideas and new revenue streams fast

    Greater return on innovation

    You experience a less than expected return on corporate startups aka speedboats

    New talent

    You want to secure cutting-edge talent that is fast and creative

    Lowering cost

    You want to validate and experiment new ideas with minimum investments

    Outflank competition

    You want to move on market opportunities faster than your direct competitors

    Change the mindset

    You want to stimulate entrepreneurial behavior and you seek role models

    Become part of ecosystems

    You want to spot trends and (disruptive) startups early on

  • We lower the risk of failure

    Sourcing ideas, technologies, and solutions from the startup community can prove complicated and costly.
    That's where Scoutely comes in.
    Scoutely kickstarts and fuels Corporate - Startup collaboration. We neutrally act in the interests of all parties moving collaboration projects beyond the 'me' to the 'we.'
    Our services encompass strategic advice, program design, recruitment and matching, (interim) process management, and objective value measurement.
    With Scoutely you will get:
    • A clear strategic agenda for collaboration plus aligned stakeholders
    • Innovation goals translated into collaboration goals and collaboration models such as Venture Clienting and Co-development
    • Access to the right startups, through passive and active recruitment, and rigorous matching
    • Best practice playbooks 
    • Mutual trust, and collaborative work rhythm 
    • Structured and effective trials, pilots and experiments  
    We are located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and work with clients throughout Europe. Typically, our assignments come from Strategy Directors, Innovation Directors, M&A Directors, CIOs, CMOs, and CDOs.

  • Tools to help you get going

    Startup Recruitment & Relationship Management


    Establish a Single Point of Contact for startups: Plug & Play software for Startup Recruitment and Relationship Management.

    • All interactions within one place
    • Easily publish collaboration opportunities
    • Dashboard to drive collaboration efforts
    • Connect to multiple startup sources
    • Facilitate stakeholder management
    • Smart qualification funnel
    • AI-supported decision making 
    • Measure collaboration outcomes

    The Collaboration Rationale Canvas


    The output of corporate-startup collaboration can only be as good as the thought and energy put into it.

    Therefore, the first step is to determine the WHY of collaboration before contacting any startup.

    Interested in our tools? Need a second opinion or hands-on support?
    Let's discuss how we can help!

  • We speak from experience

    Nice to e-meet you!


    As seasoned, former corporate officers, tech startup founders, and open innovation researchers, we combine our understanding of corporate life with deep insight into startups, innovation methodologies, and startup communities worldwide.


    Over the years, we have also accumulated in-depth knowledge of emerging applications and business models using technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


    We speak with a voice that is both honest and entertaining. So, if you want to go beyond the hype and need a little help from experienced practitioners, then do drop us a line.

  • Jan Paul

    The Executive

    In two digital decades, from junior to board level in Reed Elsevier,
    Jan Paul learned first-hand how to make innovation happen in large enterprise. The last 5 years he has coached startups and led two sector accelerators. As partner in Scoutely, Jan Paul reviews innovation strategies, and coaches on setup and execution of corporate-startup collaborations.


    The Entrepreneur

    More than 22 years experience in complex IT projects, applying new technologies. Jörgen was co-founder and CEO of Scyfer in 2013, which he sold to Qualcomm in 2017. Currently he leads the research lab at ScaleUpNation. As partner in Scoutely, Jörgen offers an experienced scale-up CEO's perspective on collaborating with corporates.

    van der Blonk

    The Builder

    20+ years of digital venture building experience. As they say: Sander drove the bus, not gotten a ride in the back. And still, hunger to do it again and again. Today, he is an angel investor and a plug-in digital innovation leader. As partner in Scoutely, Sander is eager to actively help develop corporate-startup collaborations.

  • Let’s work together

    Are you ready to collaborate with startups? Do it now, the good ones won't wait.


    Founders who want to collaborate with corporates? Send an email to:



    Corporates that want to make collaborating with startups a vital part of their innovation strategy? Reach out to:

    Sander van der Blonk
    + 31 6 506 1111 5

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