When should established companies work with start-ups? Yesterday.

Large companies are waking up to strategic partnering with start-ups. The business challenge is choice overload and errors in judgment. And convincing colleagues to allocate resources. Scoutely can help.

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Introducing Scoutely

How Scoutely helps, from the big picture to the everyday.

Scoutely prevents resource-constrained innovators from missing out on start-up opportunities. And enables better risk/benefit decisions in weeks - not months. All from one easy-to-use workflow platform.

What do you want to achieve?

Scoutely helps you align strategic goals, business objectives, and internal stakeholders. We automate and break down the process of scouting, screening, qualifying, and choosing start-ups into small steps. Meeting targets, while always keeping everyone in the loop.

Everything in one place.

Sorting through thousands of potential partners, from inbound email requests, spreadsheets, and start-up scouting services is a full-time job. Scoutely saves you all this bother.

Put it all into Scoutely using our data import tools. Easily add meeting notes, presentation slides, and chat transcripts providing you with a complete overview of potential candidates. And be GDPR compliant.

What do you prefer? Uncertainties or certainties?

You want to be 100% sure about the start-ups you select. Nothing less. We use a combination of science and technology with checklists, forms, tasks, and questionnaires to help you steer start-up discovery and assessment with minimum effort.

Is there a click?

Once you’ve found what looks like a good match, it’s time to talk. Never underestimate the human element to ensure that there’s a genuine click. Our “qualification templates” are a specially designed tool to ascertain mutual fit. And help you select the right start-up(s).

Great companies are already finding success with Scoutely
"Scoutely streamlines my
start-up discovery process."
Frank Hysa
Senior Innovation Manager, Volvo.
"Scoutely got me thinking about our innovation priorities and the value start-ups can bring."
David Versteeg
CDO, Van Lanschot Kempen Bank

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Save hundreds of hours and be confident at every step. See how Scoutely helps perfect the pipelining efforts. And make better collective decisions fast enough to compete.

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